USAID completed a project on land reform in Tajikistan
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October 2019

USAID completed a project on land reform in Tajikistan
USAID completed a project on land reform in Tajikistan

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The U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan announces the completion of the implementation of the USAID on land reform and the restructuring of dekhan farms in Tajikistan.

The report said that at the closing ceremony of the project took part the Ambassador of USA in Tajikistan Elizabeth Millard, the head of the State Committee for land management and geodesy of the RT Rajabboy Ahmadzada, the representatives of donor countries, official government officials, and representatives of other stakeholders.

It is noted that the project was aimed at strengthening of land rights in order to facilitate the formation of a land market in Tajikistan.

"The project was aimed to support the restructure of dekhan farms and close cooperation with the intergovernmental working party on land administration reform to revise the legislation to enhance land security in the interests of dehkan farms and other land users. One of the main achievements of the project is to promote the adoption of a new law "On dekhkan (farming) households", which was approved in March 2016. This law allows dehkan farms to be recognized as a legal entity and gives the farmers the right to build temporary structures on their land," - emphasize American Embassy.

It is also noted that the project for land reform and restructuring of dekhan farms has increased the capacity of the government of Tajikistan for the introduction of progressive land legislation and policies with the aim of establishing a functioning land market. "This market, according to the U.S. Embassy, will allow to increase the productivity and efficiency of land and will attract investment in agriculture. In addition, in the frameworks of the project dekhkan farms were informed about their land rights through a comprehensive trainings, legal consultations and information campaigns. In addition, in the frameworks of the project was conducted technical training on land rights, the members of which were officials of local authorities, judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Implemented activities of the project contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the United States Government in successful implementation of agrarian reforms and reforming national agricultural policies in the framework of the initiative "Feed the future".

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