Scientists calm: Sarez dam is not in danger
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November 2019

Scientists calm: Sarez dam is not in danger
Scientists calm: Sarez dam is not in danger

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Concerns about the possible break of Sarez Lake because of the earthquake are unfounded, says the head of the Geophysical service of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Sobit Negmatullaev.

Speaking on Friday, August 26, at the International scientific-practical "Seismic safety of the Central Asia" conference the scientist noted that some experts are talking about the threat of Sarez Lake dam breakthrough as a result of devastating earthquake, which can lead to great damage on the territory of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

According to S. Negmatullaev, these concerns are unfounded. He noted that Sarez Lake area is under constant supervision of specialists.

The scientist added that there is no reason to worry about the possible destruction of Usoy dam.

Meanwhile, the President of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Farhod Rahimi noted that during the last 80 years there were no observed any major earthquakes near Sarez Lake.

A month ago the head of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense under the government of Tajikistan Rustam Nazarzoda expressed disagreement with the concerns about a possible break of Sarez Lake as a result of natural disasters.

He noted that the lake is under constant surveillance of Tajik specialists and there is no reason for concern. "I want to tell you sleep peacefully. There is no major changes on Sarez", - said Nazarzoda.

According to him, there is modern equipment in Sarez Lake with early warning system, a monitoring system for all the changes that occur in the lake, including at its bottom.

Note that some experts from neighboring countries are calling for universal and extensive study of the problem of Sarez Lake, as natural disasters, in their opinion, are capable to destroy this reservoir, this can lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire Central Asian region.

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